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Sale feedback

We’ve had plenty of really nice feedback on our sale. Lots of new customers taking the opportunity to do a total garden purchase for new homes as well as many gardening friends coming in to do a wee purchase to spruce up a tired or bland spot. It’s been awesome and invigorating for me and…

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The Autumn Sale Begins

This is the Autumn sale to end all autumn sales. March 7th to March 24th- 3 WHOLE WEEKS! Extended to 7th April 2018. You may have missed our Spring 2017 sale. That’s because it didn’t eventuate. Illness, culminating in a death in my immediate family meant I cancelled the Spring sale. Now, we are enjoying…

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Canna Lily and Chinese Fishtail Palm Sale

The Canna lily is one of the most versatile and high impact flowering ornamentals to plug into your subtropical look. We have some gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous colours available. Great savings to be had on a 6 litre grade which are big in the bag. $14.50 each or 10 for only $125- instant impact en masse!…

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big bangalow sale

  • 9 November 2017,
  • sale

We need to move some of our larger Bangalow Palms out to make room for incoming stock. These trees are in excess of 3 metres tall and will not fit into a freight truck. To capitalise on the great savings you will have to come and pick these trees up and take them home yourselves…

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