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25 March 2018, nursery news, sale

We’ve had plenty of really nice feedback on our sale. Lots of new customers taking the opportunity to do a total garden purchase for new homes as well as many gardening friends coming in to do a wee purchase to spruce up a tired or bland spot.
It’s been awesome and invigorating for me and the CPAC team to see so many plants moving out. So a big thanks to you guys.
The positivity of the feedback has made for an easy decision for me to extend the sale by another two weeks.

Here is a link to the sale conditions

The 2019 Autumn Sale Begins

The autumn cooling of that intensely summer heat has left the opportunity for some excellent planting weather. Autumn is the best season for planting because you can establish a plant ready for that summer dry a full 3 months earlier than Spring. Sure it has to go through the winter months and receive a frosting, but canny gardeners read forecasts and are prepared for those sudden drops in temperatures with frost cloth and blankets.
So,.. the sale is now extended till Saturday 7th April.


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