Frequently Asked Questions

How many palm trees do you think I need for a 10 …15…20 metre length of garden?

The short answer is, we don’t know!
We don’t know what your budget is, how patient you are, whether there are any other plants or trees within that length of space you want to plant your palms. This is a typical question we get asked a lot and it is actually a question for a professional landscaper (on site at your place) or for you, yourself, to work out. Please work that one out b4 you call.

Do you have Lipstick Palms or Sealing Wax Palms?

No, sadly, we don’t. For the simple reason that they will not grow in New Zealand. We cannot grow any of the highly decorative and colourfully trunked palms you will see in Bali, Sri Lanka, Thailand or South East Asian countries. The climate of those countries, being that much closer to the equator than us here in temperate New Zealand is naturally conducive to growing those much more tropical species very successfully.

Are all of the plants you have on your website available all the time?

We update our website weekly, so generally, yes, we have great availability on all listed plants.

  • Grades- either by litre (Ezylift bag) or PB size (which equates to fluid ounces)
  • Heights
  • Prices

Are all available on the website under each plant type.
Please don’t ask us (over the phone or by email) if we have any larger plants than what are listed on the website. WE WOULD have them on the website IF WE DID.

Can you give me a freight quote over the phone?

Yes- we can of sorts. We need the grade (bag size) and species of the plants you want and it would be helpful if you were prepared with ideas of what to order when you phone. We will ask for your email address so we can send a freight quote through, and get the ball rolling, so to speak. Remember our minimum order from the website is $165 including GST.

How hard do you work?

What a great question! Actually – we work very hard, mostly outside in wind, rain and blazing hot sun.
We don’t have a dedicated office person- a receptionist or an accounts person. Janine usually sprints for the landline if she is within hearing distance. We do keep that person (receptionist/office person) out of the equation to keep our prices VERY competitive.
So… email pingpong (requests for multiple freight quotes, requests for multiple photos of plants, etc. etc) eventually becomes a strain (and a pain) for us when we know that either

  • the information requested is clearly available on our website
  • we feel our time is being compromised by people who are unwilling to relax and trust us to supply our quality plants to them.