Plant Placement

Introducing our plant placement service. We strategically place plants to optimize growth and aesthetics.

Upon delivering your carefully selected plants, I will expertly place them within your garden space, using the balance principle of asymmetry. The result is an informal garden where the arrangement of elements varies on different garden sides; however, the overall weight of the two sides remains equal.

Striking the perfect balance between functionality and beauty is essential for a well-designed garden. Balance in your garden is achieved when the space is harmonious and makes visitors feel at ease. Your garden becomes not only aesthetically pleasing but also intriguing, offering a variety of choices. Balance is layers of voids and masses, light and shade, enclosure and exposure, colour, movement, scent and character, and many other aspects. This comprehensive approach ensures your garden is a captivating blend of various elements.

plant placement service

Plant placement – $395 + GST*

*Excludes delivery fee

Janine has 20 years of garden design experience with tropical resort-style palms, cycads & sub-tropicals and a vast wealth of plant and plant health knowledge. Along with our On-site Visit & Consultation, we can achieve the look you’re after.