The Versatile Palm

Clever and well planned plantings of palms, cycads and sub tropicals have the ability to help transport your mind to more exotic climates without leaving the comfort of your deckchair.
To avoid costly mistakes when planning a subtropical, Balinese inspired or Mediterranean styled garden you do need to do your homework.

Some serious thought needs to go into understanding your environment, working out which palms are suitable for it, and also consider the use you wish to make of your palm tree.
Is it required for shade? As a privacy screen from the neighbours? To soften the edges of a contemporary, newly built home?

Environmental factors to consider can be whether you are aware, your current garden is prone to the odd winter frost. We are regularly visited by Papamoa residents who are unaware that on Papamoa Beach Road, in the western Bay of Plenty, (which happens to be only 80 metres from the sea) it frosts quite regularly during winter.

From a palm enthusiasts point of view it is not about whether it frosts or not, it is about the degree of frost. Frost is one of the main weather related factors which controls the species of palm you can plant and have thrive in your garden. The other, is wind, of which the coastline of New Zealand receives it’s fair share.

I have all of the environmental requirements of the plants we sell, covered, with our symbols featured in the catalogue.

Here is a list of uses you may want to consider for your palm tree, cycad, subtropical ornamental or succulent to help with your planning.

Listed underneath, are Coast Palms and Cycads plants we can supply for those purposes.

Plants with strong Architectural/ Dramatic qualities
Dragon Trees, Scaly Zamia cycad, Sago Palm, most other cycads, Bird of Paradise, all Bromeliads, South African Blood Lilies- both red and white, Clivia, all Nikau species

Plants for Privacy/Screening
Sugar cane, Lady, Giant Bird of Paradise, Bird of Paradise, both Griselinias, Guatemalan Bird of Paradise

Large and/or Wide Accent choices
Jelly, Puka, Black Trunked Giant Fishtail, Senegal Date, Bolivian Mountain Coconut, Quito Mountain Coconut

Smaller Accent choices
Sugar Cane, Dragon Tree, Costa Rican Bamboo Palm, Atherton Palm, Reed Palm, Lady Palm

Plants which work well in tight Groupings, Groves (cluster planting) or mass planted
Bangalow, Queen, King, Dwarf Date, Kentia, all Nikau species, Sugar cane, both Mondo grasses, South African blood lilies- both red and white, Sago palm, all Bromeliads

Accent Plants for Shade
Lady, Sugar Cane, Kentia, all Nikau species, Puka,

Fast Growing Canopy Palms trees which will take 15-20 years to get to 10-12 metres plus.
Queen, Bangalow, King, Mexican Fan, Bolivian Mountain Coconut, Quito Mountain Coconut

Slow Growing Canopy Palms trees which will take 45-60 years to get to 10-12 metres plus
Chinese Windmill, Kentia, Nikau

Great Sub Canopy Choices trees which will grow to 5-6 metres

Great Understorey Choices trees which will grow to 2-3 metres
Lady, Dwarf date, Sugar Cane, all Cycad species, Ponytails, Guatemalan Bird of Paradise, Dragon tree

Excellent Ground Cover Choices plants which will grow to 5cm- 80cm in height
Mondo grass, all types of Bromeliad, Gardenia radicans, South African blood lilies- both red and white

Our flowering, subtropical ornamental choices
Gardenia radicans, Bird of paradise, Giant Bird of Paradise, Bromeliads, Clivia miniata hybrids, South African Blood Lilies- both red and white, Guatemalan Bird of Paradise

Fantastic House and Indoor choices
Kentia, Cycad revoluta, Atherton, all Chamaedorea species of palm, Lady Palm, Bangalow, King, Miniature Coconut, Sugar Cane, Vriesea bromeliads, Hippeastrum bulbs, Ponytails, Philodendron, Vireya- all species