The sale is now online and we are processing orders.

21 April 2020, nursery news, sale

Interesting times indeed, however Coast Palms and Cycads was very well set up for Level 3 with a terrific online presence already.

You will find the 3 easy steps to ordering from us online here

We will be able to dispatch all purchases and start local deliveries from Tuesday 28 April. Which is really good news.

If you would like to pick up your own plants the conditions of level 3 will only allow for a completely contactless pick up from a designated area within the nursery. There will unfortunately, be no ability for browsing or hand picking of  your own product during Level 3. We will select the best plants for you. It needs to remain contactless.
All plants must be paid for prior to dispatch or pick up, this will need to be done via online banking. We do not accept credit.

You will need to bring members from your own bubble to assist with putting your plants into your trailer or car- we cannot break our own bubbles to assist. Always consider a local delivery, which start at a $55 delivery fee for the entire van. Please enquire.

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