GST free sale- take 15% off all purchases*

11 June 2019, nursery news, sale

Winter is upon us and it is the time to get all hygge with hot chocolate, interesting reads, warm blankets and a good bit of friendship and enjoyment of the company and kindness of others.

We are finding it quite tricky to define hygge in a Coast Palms and Cycads way using palm trees, subtropicals and cycads. It’s almost the complete opposite of warm fireside evenings! Being outside gardening and digging soil! In the cold! Possibly in the wet…and cold!
But hygge can transend beyond the indoor warmth into a spontaneous burst of outdoor activity involving nuturing nature, tree planting, indoor plant growing and getting things into the garden early in readiness for the Summer dry.

How can we express this best but in our own typical way with a good sale across all plants and trees. A GST free sale!

Sale finishes 29 June 2019

There are a few conditions as listed below.

There will be some sale conditions…please read these carefully

  • For all online and freighted purchases the minimum purchase remains at $165.00 excluding freight. This does not apply to nursery visitors.

If you find this total beyond your own personal budget then think outside the square by perhaps making a purchase within a group of palm enthusiasts or perhaps persuade a friend who is thinking of making over their garden in the next year to bring their project forward and share freight costs with them as well!

  • This is a no holds sale. Meaning we cannot look after your purchase until you are ready to look after it. Freight will need to be considered if buying outside of our local delivery area unless you’re prepared to travel and take your plants away on the day of purchase. We do deliver locally if you can’t take your trees on the day- please check here for our charges. We will be doing all local deliveries on the Wednesday following purchase the previous week.
  • If you want to save a delivery fee then turn up with a trailer, van, horse float or truck to transport your trees home. Don’t forget to bring a tarp, net, ropes or bungies to secure your load and stop your tree flapping on the drive home.
  • All online orders emailed through need to state species/grade/number of plants required and your suburb for delivery. We can’t keep responding to emails which don’t contain this much needed information. We are super keen to sell you our beautiful plants but you do need to help us with that information.
  • We are open from Wednesday to Saturday 8am-4.30pm.
  • Please don’t ask us to send through photos!!
  • Lastly…phew! It’s highly advisable to get in very quick on the rarer species. There are limited numbers available.

Enjoy the savings and see y’all real soon!!

*Excludes all 35 litre and 43 litre Cycad revoluta (Sago). Excludes freight and local delivery.

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