The leaves on my Sago Palm (Cycad Revoluta) are going brown in large patches…Why?

14 September 2011, grow & maintenance , 2 comments

Cycad Revoluta

A Healthy Cycad Revoluta

This could be a drainage problem and the plant is showing the stress caused, by browning off or dying leaves.

The Soil

The soil surrounding the plant either has very poor drainage or could be a dense, non-porous clay. The plants root system needs to be carefully examined for any signs of root rot. This involves turning the plant out, if in a pot or digging the plant carefully out of the ground with minimal root disturbance.

Rotted roots

The rotted roots will show themselves as collapsed/hollow or dark brown in colour as opposed to a healthy, whitish light brown. The plant needs to have all rotted material cut off with a sharp knife then the exposed area needs to be dusted with a fungal powder.

The poor drainage needs to be addressed prior to the cycad being re-potted or planted again.

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  1. Andre van Rensburg,

    I have 2 Natalensis cycads. I want to know if we should trim off the bottom branches or not. The leaves are are green but he tips has broken off. Also would like to know what to do with the cones. The one plant has one cone and the other has three cones. The cones are now dried out.

  2. janinegray,

    Hi there Andre
    Yes, a good idea to trim the cycads & give them a general tidy up. A small trim always enhances the plants health, but you only remove the oldest leaves. If you are lucky enough to own a male & a female you may want to investigate the possibility of pollinating the female with the male pollen to create viable seed. If you have 2 of the same sex, then you cannot do this.

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