Do I need to feed my Palms and Cycads?

15 September 2011, grow & maintenance , 4 comments

Cycas Thouarsii

Cycas Thouarsii

Yes, most definitely. A regular fertilizing regime is key to healthy, robust palm and cycad growth.

All year round nourishment

A good, high in nitrogen 5-6 month slow release fertiliser is excellent for all year round nourishment. Apply this at the beginning of spring and then again late February as a top dressing for boosting the strength and immunity of the plant to winter cold.

Our slow release fertiliser

We have an excellent slow release fertiliser, available for sale at the nursery which has been specifically formulated for palm and cycad growing.

4 comments so far

  1. Amanda MacDonald,

    I have a Costa Rican Palm, Bangalore palm and cycad. Do I feed them all a medium amount of your fertiliser?

  2. Janine,

    Hi Amanda- that’s correct/medium feeding rates apply for those 3 species. Kind regards Janine

  3. Janine,

    Hi Sam- no it’s not unless there has been little to no fertilising throughout it’s life. Yellowing is a sign of nutritional deficiency.

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