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The Garden Floor

It’s all about colour, textural interest, contrasts & connections….and conversation points! The floor of the garden is often overlooked for the first or second time gardener mainly due to the initial expense of big tree purchases & many times due to lack of confidence & experience. We at Coast Palms say ‘Be Brave, Be Bold,…

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Frost and it’s Aftermath

On July 30 and 31 we had two very significant frosts. Significant, in that they were the hardest frosts I have on record since the winter of 2009, 8 years ago. At -4.5c on Sunday night, and on the Monday night, -3.5c respectively, they wreaked havoc at our nursery and many other gardens around the…

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Freshening up the photos

I’ve just spent the morning freshening up the photos of cycad stock available for purchase. All new photos show our current grades available. There are some knock down sale prices happening with Cycad revoluta- Sago- check them out. As soon as the Cycad taitungensis- Emperor or Prince Sago has a new flush of growth, I’ll…

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New website

Welcome to our brand new website- we’ve gone bigger, better, bolder, faster…all at once! Enjoy easy navigation, up to date information and super stunning photos. What do you think? Pretty chow-ma!!

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A word about the Kentia Palm……..

Kentia Palm

Kentia can tolerate neglect. Do not fuss over your kentia, either in pots or planted in the ground. Follow basic planting advice and take care not to overwater. Both over and under watering your palm tree will show up on the leaves in the same way. They will look burnt. Let the rootball always dry…

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Autumn 2016

Well, we’re into the last month of Autumn and the temperatures have gone all haywire. Averaging 3-4 degrees celcius warmer during the nights means plant growth continues. Not at an optimum rate, but not as slow as a typical cooler Autumn. We have introduced a new species to the palm range (the Sentry Palm- Howea…

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Tinkering in 2016

Coast Plams new website

Thanks to our intrepid web designer, Erwin, we have a new and vastly improved website in 2016. Fewer grey hairs for me as I am the person who updates availability and expands the selection when we have a new plant to showcase. Over the coming weeks of January 2016 I’ll be fine tuning all stock…

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