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A word about the Kentia Palm……..

Kentia Palm

Kentia can tolerate neglect. Do not fuss over your kentia, either in pots or planted in the ground. Follow basic planting advice and take care not to overwater. Both over and under watering your palm tree will show up on the leaves in the same way. They will look burnt. Let the rootball always dry…

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Autumn 2016

Well, we’re into the last month of Autumn and the temperatures have gone all haywire. Averaging 3-4 degrees celcius warmer during the nights means plant growth continues. Not at an optimum rate, but not as slow as a typical cooler Autumn. We have introduced a new species to the palm range (the Sentry Palm- Howea…

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Tinkering in 2016

Coast Plams new website

Thanks to our intrepid web designer, Erwin, we have a new and vastly improved website in 2016. Fewer grey hairs for me as I am the person who updates availability and expands the selection when we have a new plant to showcase. Over the coming weeks of January 2016 I’ll be fine tuning all stock…

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Annual Labour Weekend sale

We are all ready for our annual 20% off across the board Labour Weekend sale- We’re open this Sunday AND Monday as well, so come prepared to buy. Bring your trailer & tarp or horse float to get your precious babies home in tiptop condition. Our famous Apex fertiliser is the only item we are not reducing….

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Spring Sale – 2 days left to go

Many savvy gardeners have taken advantage of our massive Spring Sale savings. I just sold 40 large Queen palms as the last sale for the day yesterday to a rural neighbour who could visualise an avenue of queens gently swaying down his long rural driveway. Perfect! Remember, you only have until 4.30pm tomorrow to pick up fantastic…

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Spring Sale 2015

Coast Palms will have their Spring Sale this year from 9-19 September (taking up opening hours/days 9-12th Sept and then 16-19th Sept). Please drop in and see the selected spot specials which we will be running for each day as well. Save

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The 2 week Autumn Sale

This was a raging success last year, so I’ve decided to give it another go this year. A timely sale to grab an opportunity to purchase some of the palm trees we  don’t normally discount. Starts 22 April and runs through to May 2. 30% off large cycad revoluta- 8L bag 20% off landscape grade Chatham…

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Hot Hot Hot

Happy New Year! Well we’re back into full swing with a hiss and a roar. Two weeks of holiday just flew by and were pretty wonderful. We’ve had a huge day today with many sales of Cycad revoluta, Hardy Sugar Cane palms ( Dypsis baronii) and Mini Majestic Palm ( Ravenea glauca). Many of these…

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