New Hours for Coast Palms and Cycads

12 May 2020, nursery news , 1 comment

Over the past 6 weeks during Lockdown, I’ve spent a lot of my time weeding. And thinking. And, like many people I suspect, re-evaluating and reflecting. Weeding is very meditative, it allows my mind to wander and dream up new ways of running my business more efficiently. I enjoyed lockdown for the enforced break it gave me from the public side of my business. It gave me private time with my family and my pets and granted me some precious time to think.

This time in thought has resulted in working a more enjoyable work-life balance into my personal equation after 16 years of helming the business at the coal face daily. So, I’m changing the hours of operation to allow this to happen. I’m going to give it a 6 month trial and then reassess whether it works for me, the business and you, my customers. It will require adjustments mainly from you guys. I hope you will make it work.

The new hours are as follows.

9am-4.30pm Wednesday to Friday.
Last Saturday of the month 9am till 4.30pm


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