Illness and Running a Business

11 August 2017, nursery news , 3 comments

So here we are at Friday, end of the working week for some lucky people. Not so for me, and to top it off I’m recovering from bronchitis and this seasons turbo-boosted version of strep throat.

It has been a fairly horrendous couple of weeks, what with the mega frostings- the damage has slowly revealed itself to be very brown and very extensive, and now, illnesses.
I valiantly ran the household caring for sick child and 3 pets whilst running a 38.5c fever for the three days I was closed, and then it all came crashing down around my ears in the wee hours of Wednesday morning when I realized in my semi-delirious state, I had to open up for business again in six hours time.

I made a decision to close- one never taken lightly, as closure to me means failing my customer base- a loyal and dedicated bunch of people, many who have become regulars and friends, a great bunch to ‘shoot the gardening breeze’ with. The last time I closed was 5 years ago for a funeral. Significant events necessitate closure for the day!

Small business ownership can be tough…very tough, and also quite lonely. Doing GST late at night, tracking down bad debts and dealing with the insecurities and unfounded fears of those new to gardening on a daily basis doesn’t come without a price.
I get calls daily requesting I recite the entire availability of species of trees including heights and prices, when the person on the other end of the phone is actually looking at the information they are asking me for on their computer from my website, where of course, it is all available to see and very, very current.

This is just so tiresome and totally frustrating when I’ve made all attempts to show the website for what it is. Incredibly well put together and constantly updated, easy to navigate.

Spoon feeding never helped anyone learn.

Here’s to a better day tomorrow!

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  1. Janine,

    Thanks Faye- really nice feedback to receive. Definitely recovering!

  2. Nicola,

    Your website is amazing! As is your business. I can’t wait to come and visit one day next week <3 Hope you're feeling better now.

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