Crazily priced large palms-

7 February 2020, grow & maintenance

Here we go- strictly limited numbers- get in quick


– All trees must be taken immediately on purchase or freight paid for. Freight exclusive prices quoted.
– Also, please keep in mind the $165 minimum spend for all freighted plants.


Chinese Windmill

PB28 (10l) 1m Were $45 now $15
PB40 (25l) 1.2m Were $85 now $20
100l ezylift (70-80cm of clear trunk) 2m Were $250 now $65
wrapped 2m double planted Were $650 now $250


PB40 (25l) .6m Were $85 now $15
PB95 (45l) 1m Were $135 now $20
75l 1.5m Were $225 now $25


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