Chugging Along

30 July 2020, nursery news , 2 comments

Things are chugging along. We have had a full week of no rain and it feels a little bit fantastic. I’m not keen on jinxing it so will say no more about that.
Charlie boy, my gentle, frail 14 year old ginger puss has had a tough week. After an overnight stint for him mid-week at the wonderful Te Puke vets, word has come back from them that Charlie is living on borrowed time. We have been advised to get in as many cuddles, pats and gentle chats with him that we can. He has come home to recover, but it doesn’t help much that as soon as he catches the smallest wiff that there may be some medication or pain killer sprinkled onto his food that he turned his nose up and refuses to eat- (and he generally has a monster appetite). It’s frustrating, because he will end up in pain again and he’s a pretty skinny old boy. Not as heart breaking as it once was because when we decide that he really has little quality of life left he will be quietly PTS and that will be that. We, his family, are now reconciled, calm and in agreement on that fact.


Updated Saturday 1 August- Charlie is on the mend. His pain relief capsule is now being cut in half & he’s being really obliging by letting me scruff him and stick it down his throat. It all takes 5 seconds. Still an old gent but things are definitely looking more optimistic for him. Little monkey.



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  1. Stephanie Hill,

    Have you tried marmite this was amazing with my 16 year old spine, it is a hard time.

  2. Janine,

    Thank you Steph- I hadn’t even considered Marmite! Savoury delishessness for him! I will try it out, however only have Vegemite available and will give that a go 🙂

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