Bring on the Philodendrons!!

9 September 2017, nursery news , 2 comments

I’ve just updated our Philodendron selection (under Subtropicals/Ornamentals)
We now have a range of 4 to sell and they’re all very attractive with serious foliage wowee points.

With the massive indoor large leaved foliage trend continuing unabated this genus is a winner for the indoor living art prize.

At $22.50 for a 2.5l potted specimen they’re well priced to sell quickly. Please keep in mind our $165 minimum spend for online freighted (shipped) purchasing.

‘Xanadu’, the most cold tolerant has beautiful zig zag foliage and looks most impressive in large clusters under prized palm tree specimens. Mix with New Guinea impatiens or our Clivia miniata ‘Moon Glow’ for great colour contrasting.

‘Flask’ for a super bold and unique look. These are stunners with their swollen bases.

‘Selloum Hope’ for another retro 70’s big foliage houseplant look

‘Red Congo’ has large, thick┬áburgundy-red tinged leaves with red petioles. Very much an indoor plant, however a completely frost free and warm area outdoors will be fine. Probably happier in a wide and shallow decorative pot for outdoor living, Red Congo will also need total shelter from the wind.


Remember, all Philodendron appreciate an orchid mix for potting, loose bark or a potting mix with high pumice content.

They’re also relatively happy being drier than constantly damp.
A bright light position inside, like a well ventilated bathroom or hallway, an atrium or indoor conservatory will serve these guys well and they will reward you with good health and modern looks.

2 comments so far

  1. Sam,

    hi, im looking at opening a plant store and am looking for some suppliers of stock. Just wondering what tropicals you have in stock? Philodendrons/aroids/syngoniums/calathea etc

  2. Janine,

    All on the website if you care to take a look Sam.

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