A bit of a Oncer….

16 November 2019, grow & maintenance

So, just a quick recap on the vehicle equivalent of palm trees. You could safely say that the ubiquitous Bangalow is like the Toyota Hilux of the palm scene in New Zealand. They’re everywhere. The Kentia palm is heading into European luxury car models, an Audi or lovely old Saab (especially the Kentia planted in and around Parnell and Remuera in the early 1970’s).

So, then we get to the Hedyscepe canterburyana, or Big Mountain palm. An absolute collossus of the palm world. The vehicular equivalent of these trees in maturity would be an E Type Jag or an Aston Martin DB5.

These are truly the shizzle.


And they’re currently on sale here at Coast Palms and Cycads. Get ’em while they’re hot.

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