Big Mountain / Umbrella Hedyscepe canterburyana / Palms

Another native to Lord Howe, this palm tree is a total winner in the grace and form stakes.

Silver trunked, crown shafted palm native to Lord Howe Island. Yet another Lord Howe palm tree to covet, the ‘Hedy’ is a magnificent palm to include witin your landscaping design. Arching recurved leaves and strong form shows this off as a stand alone specimen and also as a interesting focal point within a grouping .

  • Grows to 10m over 40-50 years.
  • Prefers low-medium wind
  • Tolerates light frost
  • Excellent for the coast in a sheltered spot.
  • Beautiful white trunk.
  • Enjoys regular feeding
  • Full sun-semi shade
  • Prefers full sun, but will tolerate part shade.
  • Medium wind tolerant.
  • Will tolerate light frosts only.
  • Grows to a height of 10 metres (approx).
  • Excellent indoor palm.
  • Requires little moisture and is drought tolerant.
  • Tolerates coastal conditions, including salt spray.
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Grade Height Indication Price
75L ezylift 2.2m $1380
wrapped $3250

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