Please,…. we don’t want your cycad or palm

13 February 2019, grow & maintenance, nursery news

An absolute deluge of people phoning up and asking us if we want to buy their palm, cycad or un-identifiable plant over the last month.

C’mon peeps- give us a break! We have advertised for 14 years solid that we are not buyers of plants…we are sellers of our own plants…all 35 000 of them.
It’s here..

Palm for sale/removal?

The unfairness is that I seem to get a sudden change in tone of voice over the phone from the receiver of the refusal as soon as I say, we don’t buy plants privately. It changes from a pleasant, eager tone to an annoyed tone. As if to say, why are you not buying my tree??? I’m fed up that you’re not buying my tree!
Really not fair and kind of rude as well.

Many people phone and can’t identify their plant and still seem to think we will fall over ourselves in our rush to come to their house to spend up big and take away their problem. They say things like “it seems such a shame to kill it”. Yes, I agree, it does. But I also know the cost of tree removal and it is huge. I really suspect that many people who do call us have just hung up from the guy quoting to remove the tree.

I am always happy to classify and identify palm trees or cycad species if I am sent clear photos. This will take you several minutes to organize and will take me several seconds to identify. Please, don’t try and mumble your way through a description of your tree on the phone if you do not know what it is.

Many times I’ve sat on the other end of the line and heard things like..
“it has a thick trunk”
“it has drooping big leaves”
I think it’s a Queen but it might be a Bangalow” and then, “What do Bangalows look like again?”

….whilst our dinner burns quietly on the stove or a real time customer is waiting to pay for their purchase and getting fed up in front of me.
Put your tree on Trade Me at $1 reserve regardless of whether you think it’s worth thousands. Heavily promote it using the promotional tools Trade Me provides. Sit back and then accept what the market is prepared to pay for it. If that is too risky for you & you are sticking to the idea your plant is worth thousands of dollars- don’t bother selling it.

  • Sharpen your chainsaw
  • Call some Tree Removal specialists


  • Keep it!

We do not want to be gifted/offered/given a freebie or any of that nonsense either.



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