The Garden Floor

16 June 2018, grow & maintenance, nursery news

It’s all about colour, textural interest, contrasts & connections….and conversation points!

The floor of the garden is often overlooked for the first or second time gardener mainly due to the initial expense of big tree purchases & many times due to lack of confidence & experience.

We at Coast Palms say ‘Be Brave, Be Bold, Be Outrageous’!

Like a memorable party which starts in a small kitchen, the small plants listed below have BIG space attitude!
Philodendrons, bromeliads, the gorgeous, unusual South African blood lily, mass planted hot-coloured Canna Lilies, perfumed Dwarf Gardenia & the White Blood Lily, (Haemanthus Albiflos) these guys will be the swingers of the garden party at your place.

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