I wonder if I could save a lot of money by buying my Palm Tree or Cycad privately?

12 September 2011, nursery news

Not necessarily true.

Be careful

The very worst case scenario is that you could end up paying thousands of dollars in damages to a private seller if you or they inadvertently cause damage to a house or land that the tree was planted close by or on. Another scenario is uprooting buried Telecom cabling or underground piping when excavating the tree, if you do not know exactly what you are doing.

Nikau palm

Nikau palm

Professional service and years of experience

At Coast Palms & Cycads we offer a professional service that involves years of experience in growing and caring for our product. We give free advice on planting, appropriate fertilising and nutritional care advice and sound knowledge about choosing the correct palm, cycad or sub tropical plant for your individual site.

We have a range of mature landscape palm trees available here which have all been removed from the ground/field with expert care and consideration. They are then left to recover from potential excavation shock for up to 18 months before we put them out for sale.

Depth of knowledge

This depth of knowledge is not available from a private seller and there is no surety that your palm tree will survive on transplanting. An uneducated private purchase could prove a costly mistake, which in turn could create an unwarranted disillusionment toward palms as the fantastic landscape feature they are.

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