Happy holidays and safe travels

19 December 2019, grow & maintenance, nursery news

We here at Coast Palms and Cycads are amping for our summer break. By the end of these ridiculously hot days we all feel like barbequed prawns and we get a little fractious with each other. Working in 30deg celcius heat with high humidity is fairly taxing so I am more than likely going to spend a lot of the next 2 & a half weeks in the swimming pool staying cool.

To all of our loyal customers past and present we wish you a safe and lovely holiday break. To our new customers we had the pleasure of meeting for the first time in 2019 we hope you feel confident in your plant purchases and are enjoying the rapid growth happening with them at the moment. We hope to see you again in 2020.

Please ensure that all potted palms, cycads and ornamentals are being watered if you go on holiday. A box of chocolates or the offer of a free lawn mown works wonders as thank you gifts for neighbours who willingly pop over to water the plants. A small price to pay for piece of mind.

Potted plants will require 2-3 good deep waterings a week during this heat. Garden planted specimens will require the same. Please keep in mind that daily deep watering is not advised for ground planted specimens as palm trees and cycads prefer to dry out between waterings rather than maintain a constantly damp or saturated soil environment.
You do want those roots to start seeking and moving out of the immediate potted zone after all and that’s all part of establishing a good relationship with the naturally occurring rain. Reliance on continual artificial watering will result in a tree which maintains roots very close to the soil surface & weakens it’s resolve to dig deep and seek moisture further into the soil profile.

Summer Break Closure Dates
Closing 4.30pm Saturday 21st December & Re Opening 8am Wednesday 8 January 2020!!

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