Get a jump on Spring pest control

14 July 2018, grow & maintenance, nursery news

Spring is only 6 weeks away and it’s time to take stock on your plant health before the temperatures ramp up and there’s an infestation which could require a chemical control.

Here are some links below to a couple of archived posts on mealy bug and scale. Two of the most common examples of insect pest which can wreak havoc on your indoor and outdoor palms, cycads and subtrops.

Bromeliads have a relatively easy existence when it comes to insect and pest problems. There is nothing attractive about the tough leathery leaves of a bromeliad for insects, unless they’re growing in a heated environment with very little air movement i.e. indoors in winter.

Inspect the underside of the leaves of your palm or cycad every 7-10 days & deal with any bugs immediately.

If you were wanting to use an effective, safe and affordable alternative to toxic chemical insecticides, Plant Soap suffocates insects it contacts. The high viscous spray is colourless, odourless  and non toxic. Effective against a very wide range of insects including aphid, whitefly, scale, mealy bug and two spotted mites, all as eggs, juveniles and adults. Good coverage as a high volume, high pressure spray is essential. Plant Soap is not rain-fast; allow for 12 hours free from rain or irrigation post  spray.

Most natural insect predator adults are unaffected  by Plant Soap,  making it ideal to use in integrated Biological pest & disease control programmes.

Available in 1 kg. Please ask us for details.

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