Supply and Demand

2 September 2017, nursery news

The laws of economics are close on 2000 years old, almost as old as the Welcome Bay hills behind the nursery. As the rain comes down on this thundery and wet day, I’m just writing a brief post about how we are having unprecedented demand for certain species here at the nursery.

Many customers and landscapers are wanting Kentia and Chatham nikau in landscaping grades. We’re experiencing a massive building boom in the area and there are pressures within the nursery industry to have unlimited supplies of known coastal tolerant species and also the new trend species which are emerging from the pack.

As we come to the end of every season we have trees which may not be the heights of what we started the season with. That’s not to say within 3 months of planting a new central spear will emerge and the palm tree will have attained the height indication it was initially advertised at.
For those in the landscaping trade, perhaps a wee chat about that growth rate above with a client, can smooth their expectations.

The supply of numbers of such species as those above are very low. They take 5 years to get to a 45l grade. We are trying our hardest to supply an ever demanding market.

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