Covid- ya dick!!

2 April 2020, grow & maintenance

Yep, I do find myself smiling at the telly when that particular Covid advert comes on, because it has completely upended the world in a way which is chaotic, scary and very, very surreal.

My beautiful business which has been rolling along steadily for 16 years going through its own set of highs and lows is at an all time low. I scrapped and fought my way out of the GFC of 2008 and managed to finally come up for air from that chaos and financial fringe living around 2012.

Very recent times have dealt us an 11 week drought, which along with a total hose and outdoor water use ban in the Western Bay of Plenty meant CPAC’s sales dried up to dribble and it was the landscaping industries need for plants nationwide which got us through, thanks guys!
With all of this in mind I am still keen to continue with the annual autumn sale which has been so rudely interrupted by the Covid (ya dick!) lockdown.
So bear with us…when we re-open the sale will continue for at least another two weeks.

Kia kaha my gardening buddies- stay strong, stay safe, stay at home.

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