Coastal favourite, the Aloe plycatilis are blooming!

10 October 2019, grow & maintenance

Dracula, (above) as my Mum used to call him- (is Dracula ever a female?) used to reside at Matapihi, lording it over the Waipu Bay and his minions, the bromeliads & smaller succulents.
He was impressive, gnarly and quite an elderly gent when Dad finally chopped him out. Around 30 years old and had never offered any trouble apart from the obvious fact that he eventually ended up blocking a very impressive sea view. No litter leaves into the swimming pool and any real height to be concerned about.

These Aloe plycatilis are a clever species to plant locally. Very tolerant of sandy, bone dry soil and sea salt. They are available at $95 for an impressive 15 litre potted grade.

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