Bring out the Broms!!

23 October 2020, nursery news

The photos shown on the slider are courtesy of the absolutely fantastic members display of bromeliads at the New Zealand Bromeliad Society Annual Fair and Sale last Sunday at the Mt Eden War Memorial Hall in Auckland. We were lucky enough to attend and the display was chocka full of my dream list of rare bromeliads. Sadly, we do not carry any of these bromeliads!


The bromeliad selection at Coast Palms and Cycads was getting smaller and smaller & I decided it was high time to do something about it. We have firm favourites within the 75 genera. Here is a selection of what is on the way…

Alcantarea vinicolor hybrid   18cm

Alcantarea imperialis             18cm

Alcantarea imperialis             6L

Vriesea platynema hybrid      18cm

Vriesea ‘Pacific hybrid’          18cm

Neoregelia  concentrica; ‘Royal Robe’; and ‘Pink Centre’                            14cm

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