A quick heads up for Autumn 2022 and our usual annual Autumn sale.

5 October 2021, grow & maintenance

We will not be having a sale this coming year, I’m sorry to tell you. And there are a number of reasons why, but the primary reason is the state of things to do with Covid. We here at Coast Palms have been unable to keep up with massively increased demand for our plants as many people are focused on beautifying their backyard and garden as opposed to heading off overseas for a holiday. This demand has caused our plants to be in short supply and it comes down to a simple supply/demand equation in the end.

For many years we had surplus so would have the annual autumn sale. This may very well happen again in the future, but for now we will be parking sale time.

I’ve been trying to write a blog piece about this topic for ages. We’ve been so busy its been hard to dedicate time to keeping my gardeners and customers in the loop!
Thanks for the kindness, thanks for the chats, thanks for keeping us afloat and well. Kia kaha!

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