At Coast Palms and Cycads you will receive your plant contained in one of four different ways.

Either in a

  • a PB**
  • a plant pot
  • wrapped in horticultural gladwrap – usually only used for field grown specimens
  • in an ezylift – a woven plastic bag with handles

**PB refers to pints – 1 Pint = 600ml, as a rough guide multiply the PB number by .6 to get the volume in litres of the bag.

The number on a PB bag signifies the volume which is measured in pints of soil.
Below are some examples of how the conversion rate works..

PB 12 210mm x 185mm equivalent to 10 litres of soil
PB 18 250mm x 210mm equivalent to 12 litres of soil

Note: The height of the plant does not always correlate with bag size – it varies depending on species and the length of time the plant has been potted into a particular bag.


The trees are always growing so the heights change with growth.

The ‘height indication’ description is just that … an indication.
It’s mainly to give you an idea of what height the tree will be when you receive it.
We measure the height from the base of the trunk to the top of the highest leaves. We do not do a diameter spread measurement of many plants we sell except for the odd succulent or cycad.

We are currently experiencing a lot of demand for our trees so there is always pressure to put them out for sale as soon as they are bedded in the bag, this can occasionally mean they will measure smaller than the height indication shown.