South African Blood Lily Haemanthus Coccineus / Subtropical Plants

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A gorgeous and exoticly moonscape looking flowering bulb from South Africa.

A flowering bulb native to South Africa.
Gorgeous and relatively rare to obtain, the blood lily has amazing fleshy wide leaves and early autumn scarlet ‘paintbrush’ like flowers. Easy to grow, slow to multiply.
Plant your Haemanthus only halfway up the body of the bulb into your soil, they will perform better.
Free draining soil.

  • Prefers full sun, but will tolerate part shade.
  • Prefers some shade, but will tolerate full sun.
  • High wind tolerant.
  • Medium wind tolerant.
  • Will tolerate heavy frosts.
  • Will tolerate light frosts only.
  • Requires little moisture and is drought tolerant.
  • Tolerates coastal conditions, including salt spray.
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