Lotus- Cream Nelumbo nucifera

Beautiful cream blooms on upright stems throughout summer. Large green leaves during the growing season. Plant in ponds or round containers filled with boggy soft soil. Ideal for adding a tropical eastern feel to the garden or patio.

Place them in a spot that receives full sun in a position sheltered from the wind. Prefers warm conditions. Growing in containers limits the spread of the tubers. Blooming depends on ideal conditions. Fertilize them moderately.

Make sure your container has no drainage holes

Sink the container in your outdoor water garden no more than 45 cm from the surface. You may have to raise it up on bricks or cinder blocks.

You may have to put a layer of gravel on top of the soil to keep it from floating away.

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13 litre pot $65 $100 Sale! 13
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  • Full sun.
  • Low wind tolerant.
  • Requires frost free site or indoors.
  • Grows to a height of 1.5 metres (approx).
  • Requires adequate moisture.
  • Tolerates swamp conditions.
  • Prefers a warm temperature.
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