Bird of Paradise- Guatemalan Heliconia subulata / Indoor Plants & Hoya Indoor Subtropical Subtropical Plants

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We haven’t had these for years and its exciting we can now offer them again after a long hiatus. Lovely big plants with wide paddle shaped leaves.
Uber fashionable, these look exceptional anywhere inside or out where there is bright filtered light with excellent shelter.

With all of the Instagram and Pinterest photos proliferating the internet, just a few truths and tips if you intend on using this species as indoor foliage interest.
They may flower indoors, but there is a high chance they wont. It’s base on the fact they’re not in their year round, naturally, very warm setting. They are very much about the foliage for indoors. If you buy this species because you desperately want it to flower, reconsider or plant outside.
They will get meali bug and other pests (possible red spider mite) if kept in a heated or full, hard sun site indoors. All of your indoor plants will end up stressing in a room with a heatpump or open fire, unless you do regular misting and are really on top of your watering regime (not overwatering regime!)
Keep them away from being close to ranch sliders or big, floor to ceiling windows where they will get sunburnt very fast by the reflected, burning light on their leaves.
Try and place them into a hallway, big bathroom or open plan living space where they can be breezed by the front door opening or be cooled by a larger space.
They will love a good, humidity misting once or twice a week (indoors)
They will love regular foliar feeding to look like those Instagram and Pinterest photos.

  • Requires shade or bright filtered light with no direct sunlight.
  • Low wind tolerant.
  • Requires frost free site or indoors.
  • Manages an indoor situation.
  • Requires adequate moisture.
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