Haemanthus humilis Haemanthus humilis

One of the best available bulbous plants to grow in those rocky, shady spots, the ‘Rabbit’s Ears’ knows how to put on a show. Whether it is in fruit, or flowering, or not, it sure is a specimen not to be missed.

The leaves are tongue-shaped, held more or less erect, can grow up to 300 mm long and 40–130 mm wide, light green and hairy or hairless, or hairless with hairy margins, or the upper surface is hairless and the undersurface is hairy. It has pink or white flowers in a stiff inflorescence which sprouts straight out of the bulbs, in spring to late summer (Sep. to Feb.).

Grade Height Indication Price Available Order
2 litre pot $35 30
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  • Requires afternoon shade, prefers filtered sunlight.
  • Low wind tolerant.
  • Requires frost free site or indoors.
  • Grows to a height of 30 centimetres (approx).
  • Requires adequate moisture.
  • Manages coastal conditions well. Salt spray will cause minimal marking.
  • Enjoys a sheltered courtyard situation for mature tree size.
  • Excellent specimen for covered courtyard.
  • Happy with life in a pot
  • Needs cooling air flow e.g hallway, bathroom.
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