Giant Upright Elephant Ear or Night-Scented Lily Alocasia odora rubra

Alocasia odora rubra is a stunning large, mid-green arrow headed subtropical on tall stems.

The leaf reverse is reddish purple in colour.

They have a tidy, clumping habit and are excellent to use in water gardens, water edges, bogs and bright filtered light to heavy shade. They add a really neat dramatic tropical look and are wonderfully fragrant when flowering in late Spring through Summer

These thrive in warm and humid conditions. Our stock looks absolutely mind blowing at the moment.

Grade Height Indication Price Available Order
3.5 litre pot 60cm $26.50 19
  • Requires afternoon shade, prefers filtered sunlight.
  • Requires shade or bright filtered light with no direct sunlight.
  • Low wind tolerant.
  • Will manage a very light frost to -1C.
  • Grows to a height of 1 metres (approx).
  • Manages an indoor situation.
  • Perfect for screening or privacy.
  • Requires adequate moisture.
  • Manages coastal conditions well. Salt spray will cause minimal marking.
  • Tolerates swamp conditions.
  • Needs warm air flow e.g dining room, bedroom
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