Dragon Tree Dracaena Draco

An evergreen tree with a smooth, grey trunk. It produces stiff, lance-shaped blue-green leaves that can grow up to 60cm long and 5cm wide.

A magnificent tree for general garden planting. Suitable for containers when young. Great for courtyards. Insignificant flowers followed by orange berries in summer. This slow growing tree may with time reach 9 metres high with a trunk up to a metre in diameter.

Great for the coast.

Thrives in moist, well drained soil in a sunny to part shaded position and is drought tolerant. Avoid wet boggy soil. Cut back leggy specimens in spring. Over watering can lead to rotting of the stem.

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  • Full sun.
  • Medium wind tolerant.
  • Will manage a very light frost to -1C.
  • Grows to a height of 3 metres (approx).
  • Manages an indoor situation.
  • Requires little moisture and is drought tolerant.
  • Manages coastal conditions well. Salt spray will cause minimal marking.
  • Prefers a warm temperature.
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