Alcantarea vinicolor hybrids Alcantarea vinicolor hybrids / Bromeliads

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These are a cross between A vinicolor and A. imperials ‘rubra’.

A stunning deep burgundy red bromeliad which contrasts perfectly against the deep green leaves of cycads, palms and other ornamentals.

Native to Brazil.
A stunning Alcantarea that enjoys all day sun, the vinicolor have appealing burgundy foliage and stunning pale peach flowers.
Exposure to full sun will encourage strong colour in this bromeliad.

  • Full sun.
  • Medium wind tolerant.
  • Low wind tolerant.
  • Will manage a very light frost to -1C.
  • Grows to a height of 1 metres (approx).
  • Manages an indoor situation.
  • Requires adequate moisture.
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