Temperature: Warm

Philodendron ‘Atom’

  • 14 September 2019,
1.5l pot $32.50 Oct 2019

Looking very much like a curly-leafed version of a philodendron selloum (split-leaf) this new, compact philodendron forms a dense, low clump of large, gently ruffled and slightly waxy looking leaves. It’s easy to care for and can cope with slightly shadier positions in the home – although it will prefer a brighter spot. Plant in well…

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  • 14 September 2019,

We are very happy to have secured this little known species for sale. The Maya palm is a smaller growing member of the Chamaedorea genus than C. seifrizii and C.costaricana. It has a lower tolerance to full sun than C. costaricana, so will need some sun protection throughout a baking hot summer. A semi shaded,…

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Neoregelia ‘Compacta’

  • 30 August 2019,

Very large plants with long stolons. A medium sized neoregelia which multiplies by long it’s stolons. Bright green leaves with a vivid red centre. Great for adhering to ponga stumps or onto stone walls. Multiplies well. Shade or morning sun

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  • 2 March 2019,

Stately single trunk non-crownshafted palm with a large full head.  Trunk is surprisingly fat at the base like a Royal Palm.  Fast growing.

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Neoregelia ‘Robin’

  • 2 February 2019,

A rare to obtain, highly decorative variegated style of Neoregelia. The foliage is marked with wide green striations and the center of the plant blushes red as the plant approaches maturity and blooming.

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  • 21 December 2015,
Bronze Palm 75 litre 1.5m height Nov 2019

A rarely offered & elegant palm tree from North East Queensland. Stunning in maturity with a silver underside to the leaves which are feather duster shaped. It is extremely slow growing and can take 20 to 30 years before an emergent trunk is shown. In cultivation, these palms rarely reach above 5-6 metres, however, in…

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