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Early Spring!

An early warm Spring has descended on the Bay and growth & abundance is flourishing. The Bay of Plenty had a typical winter with several hard frosts and cold mornings. For the past three winters we had been lucky to experience very mild winter temperatures so the frosts, particularly the late May one, caught many by…

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Do I need to feed my Palms and Cycads?

Cycas Thouarsii

Cycas Thouarsii Yes, most definitely. A regular fertilizing regime is key to healthy, robust palm and cycad growth. All year round nourishment A good, high in nitrogen 5-6 month slow release fertiliser is excellent for all year round nourishment. Apply this at the beginning of spring and then again late February as a top dressing…

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How much moisture should I provide my indoor Palm?

Depending on where in the house it is your palm will require regular watering. Do not let it dry out, especially with artificial heating in winter months. You can pull back on the watering during the colder months but a general rule of thumb is to thoroughly water twice a week during summer pulling back…

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What about feeding my indoor Palms?

Yes, again, most definitely. Smaller rates of fertiliser are required for your indoor palms than your outdoor palms. Since the watering of indoor palms is much more controlled than a palm outside in nature, the build up of salts in the fertilised soil surrounding your indoor palm can cause it to burn. Indoor palms have…

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