Sugar Cane Dypsis baronii / Palms

A really stunning specimen for smaller gardens and can be utilised as a smaller, dramatic palm in larger garden designs also.

Native to Madagascar.
High on the list of covetable palms and much admired for it’s prominently ringed multiple trunks.
Very similar in appearance to the Golden Cane (Dypsis Lutescens), but hardier to NZ’s climate, smaller & more elegant.
This is one of only a handful of clustering palms which successfully grow outdoors on New Zealand.

The Sugar Cane or Dypsis looks most elegant and best in a sheltered, shaded site, however it can certainly take full sun as well. It will look tatty in a constant medium zoned wind and is no good in an exposed site. It is a slow grower and gains 20cm yearly in height.

The amount of trunks it will eventually end up with is unpredictable, but clever gardeners can plant another smaller (cheaper) Dypsis hard up against their main specimen in order to maximise trunks produced.

The 45l Sugar Cane photos have been updated as from 28 November 2017.

Generally, the taller the tree the less trunks it is likely to have in the bags they are currently in. The shorter trees generally have more trunks present. The is not to say the tree will not have more trunks appear and grow once planted. This is more likely to happen than not.

The 3rd photo is of three specimens in a row. The left hand side specimen cannot be freighted as it is too tall for the height of a freight truck. These are for local delivery and pick up only.
However, there are also 2 freightable specimens in the photo which are representative of the heights of the trees which can be successfully freighted. Please study the photos carefully and make your decisions based on those trees.


Grade Height Indication Price
PB40 (25l) 1.1m $135
45l ezylift 1.8m - 2m $300 (10 left)
160l ezylift (pick up or local delivery only) 3.4m $600 (1 of)
field grown- dug and wrapped 2.8m $1650 (1 of)
field grown- dug & wrapped 2.5m $1850 (1 of)

All prices are GST inclusive but exclude freight (if applicable).
We do at times have large specimens available in the 3m to 8m category and pricing for these are on request.