Queen or Cocos Syagrus romanzoffianum / Palms

New Zealand’s most popular palm for urban landscaping, prized for it’s versatility, hardiness and good looks.

Queen palms are native to South America, from northern Argentina north to eastern Brazil and west to eastern Bolivia.
They are fast growing, look fantastic when planted in groupings of two or more and give a strong Mediterranean look.
With their stately and elegant silvery grey trunk they work well with large succulents, Vireya and Bird of Paradise, but harmonise nicely with many other palms and sub tropical plantings.


Grade Height Indication Price
PB18 (10l) 1.8m $60
PB40 (25l) 2m $115
PB95 (45l) 2.2m $185*
PB95 (45l) 2.5m double planted $235*
75l 2.5m $235*

Asterix beside price denotes these trees are too tall to be freighted and are pick up or local delivery only.