New Zealand (Mainland) Nikau Rhopalostylis sapida / Palms

The worlds most southerly growing palm and our only native palm.
The Rhopalostylis genus has three species within it, the Sapida (mainland) with it’s many variants, the Kermadec Island (incorporating the Norfolk Island ‘baueri’ variant) and the Chatham Island Nikau (in reality, the world’s most southerly native palm tree).
The mainland Nikau and it’s localised variants have the tightest crown of leaves whereas the Kermadec and Chatham forms exhibit a more spreading crown.
The Nikau takes between 12 and 15 years to form a trunk.
A fantastic choice of palm to incorporate into the landscaped garden because of it’s iconic and instantly recognisable form.
As far as palm trees go, our own native Nikau is one of the most desirable and highly prized by collectors and enthusiasts from around the world. It prefers life initially in semi shaded conditions and likes to grow “into” the sun.
Enjoys good moisture.


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