Chinese Windmill Trachycarpus Fortuneii / Palms

A very versatile and hardy palm.

A Coast Palms favourite.
These palms are virtually bomb proof & exceptional in coastal or hard frost conditions.
The trunks can be stripped of the hessian like covering to transform them into a more tropical looking palm.
The Chinese Windmill can become the “bones” of your landscaped garden and look great tightly planted in groups of two or more.


Grade Height Indication Price
PB12 (8l) .6m doubles $22
PB18 (10l) 1m $45
PB95 (45l) .9m $47.50 $95 On Sale!
PB95 (45l) .9 doubles $47.50 $95 On Sale!
100l ezylift (70-80cm of clear trunk) 1.4m $250
wrapped 2m double planted $650-850
wrapped 4m+ single planted $1450

All prices are GST inclusive but exclude freight (if applicable).