Chatham Island Nikau Rhopalostylis sapida 'Chathamica' / Palms

Supremely attractive and iconic

The world’s most Southerly grown palm is our own Chatham Nikau.
A stunningly attractive option for the coast, it fits into a contemporary landscape design with ease.
The Chatham Nikau is proving itself to be the hardiest to frost and drought of the Nikau varieties and species.
It is arguably the fastest growing variety as well.
A must have for all palm enthusiasts.

  • Excellent for all coastal areas
  • High tolerance for wind, dry summers, poor soils (excluding clay)
  • Takes a moderate frost ( down to – 3 celcius max. before damaging)
  • The cleanest and tidiest looking of all Nikau
  • 12-15 years before trunk development happens


Grade Height Indication Price
PB12 (6l) .35m $55
PB40 (25l) .8m $85
PB95 (45l) 1.2m $285

All prices are GST inclusive but exclude freight (if applicable).