Bangalow Archontophoenix cunninghamiana / Palms

Bangalow palms are fast growing, look fantastic when planted in tight groupings and give a strong tropical look.

A very popular palm.
Elegant, with a lush green canopy, bangalow palms look stately planted as a single specimen or add real drama planted in groves or tight groupings.
Bangalow palms are most suited to courtyard planting or sheltered areas with a low to medium wind zone.

  • Prefer a low-med wind zone
  • Bangalows do look tatty in high constant wind or an exposed site.


Grade Height Indication Price
PB18 (10l) 2m Out of Stock
PB28 (10l) triple planted 1.2m $87.50
35l ezylift 2m $115
45l ezylift 2m trunking $125
60l ezylift 2.2m trunking $135
60l ezylift 2.2 trunking double planted $115* $185 On Sale!
75l ezylift 2.2-2.5m trunking single planted $185
100l ezylift 2.5-3m+ trunking doubles $265* (7 left) $395 On Sale!

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