Andean Wax Ceroxylon alpinum / Palms

Native to Venezuela, Columbia and Equador.

A stunning feather fronded palm tree with silver under the leaf.
Known for being the tallest growing palm tree in the world, however this will not eventuate in New Zealand as its natural habitat is the high altitude, cool air, cloud forest of South American.

Enjoys some protection from frost and sun when young.

  • Prefers full sun, but will tolerate part shade.
  • Prefers some shade, but will tolerate full sun.
  • Medium wind tolerant.
  • Will tolerate light frosts only.
  • Grows to a height of 20 metres (approx).
  • Requires adequate moisture.
  • Tolerates coastal conditions, including salt spray.
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Grade Height Indication Price
10L .9m $90
25L 1.1m $115

All prices are GST inclusive but exclude freight (if applicable).