Canna Lilies assorted colours / Subtropical / Ornamentals

A flower & foliage you will love for the simple maintenance and high impact colour, Canna’s are one of the easiest, bang-for-buck flowering ornamentals to grace the subtropical garden.

Native to South America and Asia, Cannas provide a shot of happy, hot tropical colour into your garden through early Summer and right into Autumn.

These are very easy to care for. Groom & dead head after flowering to encourage more flowers.  Cut hard back for winter.

We have

  • Canna x generalis ‘Tropical Yellow’
  • Canna ‘Tropical Scarlet’ (Bronze Leaf)
  • Canna cannova ‘Lemon’
  • Canna cannova ‘Red’
  • large numbers of Canna indica ‘Tropical Rose’ (a dwarf with a green leaf),
  • limited numbers of Canna indica ‘Tropical Red’ (a dwarf with a green leaf)


Grade Height Indication Price
PB12 flowering grade 1m $19.50

All prices are GST inclusive but exclude freight (if applicable).