Quality palms, cycads, subtropical ornamentals and succulents

We source and grow a selection of quality palms, cycads, subtropical ornamentals and succulents. Most are hardened and ready for outdoor use. Come and visit us and we will happily advise you of the palms available to suit your needs.

All of our prices, heights and grades of palm trees are on the individual species pages here – please take a good look prior to phoning us. Most of your questions can be answered here on the website if you take the time to look. We update our website three times a week with new lines of stock and also what we have sold out of so all product here on the website is currently available.

We DO NOT open outside of our advertised opening hours- which are Wednesday to Saturday 8am-4.30pm.

We require a minimum spend of $165 inc GST for all online/ freighted purchases. We do not hold to this minimum spend should you collect your trees yourself.

Please refer to the about page for information relating to freight nationwide or within the Bay of Plenty.

Illness and Running a Business

So here we are at Friday, end of the working week for some lucky people. Not so for me, and to top it off I’m recovering from bronchitis and this seasons turbo-boosted version of strep throat. It has been a fairly horrendous couple of weeks, what with the mega frostings- the damage has slowly revealed…

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